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Chile signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Türkiye on Antarctic cooperation

Tuesday, April 18th 2023

The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Gloria de la Fuente, met today with the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye in Chile, Gülcan Akoguz, to review the good state of bilateral relations and sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Antarctic cooperation. 

This agreement seeks to promote and strengthen cooperation in this field, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. In this regard, both authorities expressed their satisfaction for strengthening the political framework on scientific cooperation in Antarctic matters. 

In this regard, the Undersecretary pointed out that "we hope and trust that this agreement will allow our countries, and especially our scientists, to continue working to preserve the pristine nature and environmental care that Antarctica requires, today more than ever. These objectives, by the way, are of direct benefit to humanity as a whole".

Türkiye has so far undertaken seven scientific expeditions to Antarctica. The purpose of the last visit was to develop various research projects on issues such as climate change and human impact in the polar areas, among others.

Chile values the international activities that mean working in a continent consigned for peace and science, as it also promotes the development of our territory, especially the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, which functions as a gateway, capable of providing comprehensive services to scientific expeditions from other nations.