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Mission, Purposes and Values


Contribute to the formulation of Chile's foreign policy, conducting and coordinating its implementation through its organizational structure and the interaction of public and private actors, to safeguard the interests of the country and its nationals in its relation to the world.


  • Work on the building of neighbourly relations of peace, mutual trust, integration and extended cooperation.
  • Promote regional integration through Chile's participation in the different ongoing mechanisms, generating initiatives and points of convergence among States, organizations and relevant actors, recognizing the diversity of development models, mechanisms and instruments existing in the hemisphere.
  • Contribute to preserve the territorial integrity and political independence of the Republic of Chile in accordance with international law, through participation in the multilateral system (bodies, organizations, conferences, programs, agencies, etc.) and placing special emphasis on Chile's contribution to international peace and security, the full validity of democracy and human rights, and the promotion of sustainable and equitable development. Likewise, proactively take up all the advantages and benefits offered by the multilateral system in terms of assistance, capacity-building and education.
  • Promote and defend the recognition of rights of the Chileans citizens abroad and develop a migration policy based on respect for human rights international law and the rights of migrants, providing consular assistance and protection to nationals and foreigners who require consular services in Chile and abroad, as well as strengthening the links and associations of Chilean and Chilean communities abroad.
  • Strengthen policies, initiatives and strategic links with different regions of the world and countries of interest, through the mechanisms of political consultations and the activities of Chile's missions abroad in order to materialize the country's economic and human development objectives, prioritizing actions that aim to the educational, scientific and technological development of Chile.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the National Antarctic Policy with the different national Antarctic actors in order to strengthen and increase Chile's influence in the Antarctic Treaty system, thereby promoting its interests in the Chilean territory on that continent.
  • Modernize the structure and management mechanisms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to allow it to fully comply with foreign policy objectives and respond to the challenges of the globalized world.
  • Strengthen the role of the Diplomatic Academy as a promoter of the diplomatic career, through a formation of quality, as well as promoter of a greater diffusion of the foreign policy by means of improvement courses and activities directed to the political, economic and social actors participating in the foreign policy.
  • To continue promoting a country-image consistent with national interests, including an effective dissemination of national culture.


  • Commitment: we are committed to our institution, we work with a service-oriented approach to contribute to the defense of national interests and respond to the needs of our users.
  • Professionalism: we seek results of excellence, carrying out our work with responsibility and seriousness, generating networks of collaboration inside and outside the institution.
  • Loyalty: we serve with loyalty the interests of Chile and our institution in any place in the world.
  • Respect: we encourage working relationships based on good treatment and cordiality, we recognize diversity and different points of view as a reflection of our orientation towards a globalized world.