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Obtainment of a Temporary Residence Visa
What does this service provide?

The obtainment of a Temporary Residence Visa for foreign-born citizens who travel with the purpose of settling down in Chile, due to having family bonds, interest in the country or whose residency is useful and favorable to Chile. This visa allows to work, to study and / or to perform commercial activities, within a maximum of one year. There is also a Dependent Temporary Residence Visa, which is granted to the holder's family and does not allow to work, and it has an extension of one year.

Where is it provided?

The Consulates of Chile overseas.

At the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after processing the data from the applicant.

Who may request this service?

To foreign-born citizens, parents, bridegrooms and children of residents.


Letter addressed to the Consul, pointing out the reasons for the settlement.

Background Checking.

Medical Certificate.

Valid Passport.

4 passport-sized photos.

Certificate of kinship, in the case of a relative.

If the applicant travels to perform internship, must have the commitment of its parents or legal guardian for economic backing.


Issuing of a Temporary Resident Visa.


The meeting of the records aforementioned does not ensure the issuing of the requested visa.

Additional records may be requested during application procedures.

Service provided in person