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Gloria de la Fuente González

Bachelor of Political Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Chile. She has taught at several Chilean universities on subjects related to democratic transparency, integrity, and quality.

Her career has focused on transparency issues, and she has been a consultant to the Chilean Transparency Council, Eurosocial, and the Transparency and Access to Public Information Network (RTA). Undersecretary de la Fuente has served as project director of Chile Transparente, the Chilean chapter of Transparency International, and has sat on the board of Fundación Proacceso.

She worked at the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency; was president, executive director, and area director of Fundación Chile 21; member of the Permanent Advisory Council for State Reform in Chile; and advisor to the Chilean Transparency Council, later becoming its president.

Undersecretary de la Fuente was president of the OECD’s Working Party of Senior Public Integrity Officials; member of the Advisory Council to the University of Chile’s Public Policy Center; and was a professor at the School of Government of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

In April 2024, she received the Women Economic Forum's "Women Leaders of Reference" award in recognition of her work in promoting gender equality and her leadership in the defense of equity and inclusion rights.