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Request for repatriation of Chileans from abroad

What does this service provide?

The Consular Social Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in conjunction with the Consulates of Chile abroad will provide guidance and assistance for the repatriation of Chileans who died abroad, the removal of whose remains to Chile has been decided by their family.

Where is it provided?

Abroad: respective Chilean consulate
In Chile: Department of Consular Social Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in Agustinas 1320, 1st floor. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 hours.

Who may request this service?

Chileans who need to repatriate the remains of a Chilean relative who died abroad.

  • This service can only be requested by a direct relative (spouse, mother, father, children, siblings, uncles/aunts and nephews/nieces) of the deceased by submitting the following documents:
  • Documents that prove direct kinship;
  • Particulars of deceased, date and place of death.
  • Special documentation to be requested by the official who will assist in handling this request.

Guidance, support and assistance for the repatriation of remains of Chileans from abroad. The Social Service Department does not cover expenses involving transport, embalming or cremation, among others.

  • During the process, the application is evaluated and decided whether it qualifies or not. No application of individuals who have already been repatriated will be admitted.
  • It may further be required the submission of further documents both on the applicant and of Chilean citizens requesting repatriation.
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