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Request for recovery of nationality for Chilean citizens abroad.

What does this service provide?

Chilean citizens who are bound to renounce their Chilean nationality as a requirement for nationalization in a foreign country.

Where is it provided?

At Consulates of Chile abroad.

In Chile, this procedure can be carried out in the Foreign Department of the Ministry of the Interior.
Who may request this service?

Those who have renounced the Chilean nationality due to acquisition of a second nationality.


To prove previous Chilean nationality.


Recovery of Chilean nationality.

  • During the processing of an application, submission of additional documents might be required.
  • Chilean citizens who apply for recovery of nationality must bear in mind the laws of the country of residence, as there are countries the law rules of which prevent from holding two nationalities.
  • Important: 
    Those Chileans who resigned before 2005, must confirm in writing, if they resign definitively or wish to regain Chilean nationality.
    When you go to the consulate you must sign a Public Deed to request the elimination of the notation of loss of nationality, which will be sent to the Civil Registry Service in Chile for processing.
Service provided in person