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Consular entry of marriage abroad

What does this service provide?

Registering in the Chilean Consulate a marriage abroad, so that it can be subsequently registered in the Civil Registration and Identification Service of Chile.

Where is this service provided?

At Chilean Consulates abroad.

If the applicant has failed to take this step in the appropriate Consulate they may do so at the Civil Registration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who may request this service?

Chileans living abroad who wish to register their marriage.

  • Original marriage certificate issued by the authorities of the place of celebration of the marriage.
  • Identity card or valid passport of the Chilean spouse.
  • Identification document of the foreign spouse.
  • Death certificate of the Chilean spouse (if applicable).

Important: Registration must be made by the Chilean spouse. If the Chilean spouse has deceased it can be made by the foreign spouse upon submitting the death certificate of the former Chilean spouse.


Registration of Marriage in the Civil Registration and Identification Service of Chile.


During the processing of an application, submission of additional documents might be required.

The cost of this formality must be inquired at the Consulate.

IMPORTANT: Once an entry of marriage has been made in the Consulate or in the Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it CANNOT be cancelled.

Service provided in person