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Under-secretary says goodbye to Ambassador of Turkey in Chile

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Edgardo Riveros, today received in audience the Turkish Ambassador to Chile, Naciye Gökçen Kaya, who has concluded her diplomatic mission after four years in office.

Subsequently, the Undersecretary offered a luncheon in her honor which was attended by members of the Chilean Turkish Parliamentary Friendship Group, such as Senator Francisco Chahuan and Deputy Alberto Robles, who recognized the Ambassador's work in strengthening parliamentary ties between the two countries. Also in attendance were Army Major General Ricardo Martínez, Air Brigadier General of the Air Force Francisco Torres, Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Ivo Scapolo, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Chile and other public institutions.

In his speech, the Undersecretary highlighted the achievements of the work carried out by Ambassador Kaya, since during her term in office the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visited our country at the beginning of 2016, in the framework of the commemoration of the 90 years of bilateral relations between Chile and Turkey.

In addition, Undersecretary Riveros congratulated Ambassador Kaya for Turkey's recent accession to the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection, as well as for signing the Chile-Turkey Air Services Agreement, which is a significant element in improving our air connectivity. She also appreciated the cultural activities that the Ambassador promoted during her tenure. Finally, all these events contributed to strengthening and deepening the political, commercial and cultural ties between the two countries.