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Minister (s) Riveros meets in audience with the Director of INACH

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Foreign Minister (s), Edgardo Riveros, received today in audience the newly appointed Director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), PhD Marcelo Leppe Cartes. On this occasion, along with congratulating him on his appointment, he referred to the great importance and priority that INACH has for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the development of the National Antarctic Policy and in the transformation of Punta Arenas into a gateway to the Antarctic Continent and a logistics development hub, where the International Antarctic Centre will play a key role.

For his part, Mr. Leppe, along with expressing his satisfaction for his appointment, referred to the importance of the work of the Antarctic Institute, among other issues, in the development of international cooperation in Antarctica, the advance of the joint proposal between Chile and Argentina for a Marine Protected Area in the Antarctic Peninsula, as well as the advances of the fibre optic link project between Chile and Antarctica.