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Minister Heraldo Muñoz inaugurates CELAC-China Business Forum

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Minister Heraldo Muñoz, along with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, today opened the CELAC-China Business Forum held at the Intercontinental Hotel. This activity is part of the CELAC-China Summit held yesterday in our country.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister highlighted the participation of the Chinese delegation in this initiative: "I would like to express the enormous satisfaction of welcoming the Chancellor of China, his delegation, and the businessmen who have come from China in one more demonstration that the gap between South America and China is becoming increasingly smaller".

Together with this, the Secretary of State stressed the importance of promoting integration between the two countries: "These are times of connectivity, and as President Xi Jinping has said, when launching this great initiative of "one belt, one route", that is, the silk route of the 21st century, the possibilities that open up for all the countries that are going to be involved are enormous".

Regarding the business meeting, the head of diplomacy informed that it will be an opportunity to bring together "importers, exporters, investors, representatives of binational chambers China- CELAC countries and authorities of participating governments to identify the conditions and opportunities to increase business and investment between the countries of both regions".