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Foreign Ministry held regional workshop on ocean and climate change

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Directorate of Environment and Ocean Affairs (DIMA), in association with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and with the support of the organizations Ocean Conservancy and Ocean-Climate Platform, held on October 2 and 3 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the regional workshop "Because the Ocean: Opportunities to include the ocean in the NDCs in Latin America".

The objective of this meeting was to make known how the countries of the region can incorporate the ocean in their Nationally Determined Contributions, in the context of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The aim was to discuss options for intraregional cooperation and other possible actions, including some for the COP24, in Katowice, Poland.

Representatives from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) participated in the workshop. At the national level, members of the Ministry of the Environment, the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and academia were also present, especially from the Climate and Resilience Science Centre (CR)2.

The participants shared their visions, generating an enriching dialogue on the subject, including aspects such as policies for the adaptation of coastal-marine ecosystems, the role of the ocean as a gas sink, as well as fishing as an economic activity affected by climate change.

This initiative is a continuation of Chile's interest in promoting the care of the ocean and its close link with climate change. This has been translated concretely in an active participation of our country in the Our Ocean Conferences, the leadership through the declarations "Because the Ocean" made in the COP21 and COP22, as well as the formation of alliances and joint work with countries and non-state actors in the development of this agenda.