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Foreign Minister Ampuero will convene an interministerial group for Moai at the London Museum

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero will convene an inter-ministerial group to define courses of action to accompany the Rapa Nui people in their legitimate aspiration to recover the Hoa Hakanananai'a moai that is now in the British Museum in London.

This decision was taken during the meeting that the Foreign Minister held with the Minister of National Assets, Felipe Ward, who presented him with a letter from the President of the Council of Elders and the Elected Commissioners of the Easter Island Development Commission (CODEIPA).

In it, the representatives of the Rapa Nui people requested the good offices of the Government in the efforts to recover the Moai Hoa Hakanananai'a, which was stolen from the island in 1868 by the crew of the English ship Topaze, twenty years before the incorporation of Rapa Nui to Chile.

The inter-ministerial group will be composed of the portfolios of Foreign Affairs, National Assets and Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

The moai Hoa Hakanananai'a is sculpted in basalt, a stone that stands out for its hardness and elegance, and has carved on its back figures associated with the cult of the Tangata Manu (bird man), becoming a piece of worship, the only tangible link that tells of two important stages in the ancestral history of the island.