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Foreign Minister Ampuero meets Diego Arria and José Miguel Vivanco

Friday, August 10, 2018

Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero met with former Venezuelan minister, former governor and former diplomat Diego Arria, who is in Chile to participate in the sixth version of the UFPP international seminar for young people from Latin America, organized by the Fundación Para El Progreso.

Subsequently, the Secretary of State met with the Director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco.

With both of them, he discussed the political, human rights and economic situation in Latin America, and the central issues of Venezuela and Nicaragua. "We have dealt with the tragedy that the people of Venezuela are experiencing under the regime of Nicolás Maduro and, in the case of Nicaragua, another tragedy that also hurts us a lot, where the number of victims is already over 340," said the Foreign Minister.

He also stressed the fact that the "international community is alert to what is happening in both countries".