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Declaration of the VIII Summit of the Americas in solidarity with Ecuador

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Heads of State and Government participating in the VIII Summit of the Americas express our fraternal solidarity with the people of Ecuador and the Government of President Lenin Moreno for the recent violence that has resulted in the deaths of three Ecuadorian journalists, killed by their captors, as well as other victims and material destruction. Our feelings are especially directed to the victims and their families, whom we have in our thoughts.

We recognize the efforts and determination of the Government of Ecuador to safeguard the lives of the hostages and to seek their early release. We are confident that the unity of the nation and the civic virtues of the Ecuadorian people will enable the brotherly country to decisively confront violence and the absurdity of terrorism and organized crime.

We are confident that the democratic legitimacy of Ecuador will set the course for the construction of a peaceful, democratic, just and more prosperous society, leaving behind the regrettable facts that motivate this declaration.