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Chile and Brazil launch II Round of FTA Negotiations

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Between August 7th and 10th, the II Round of Negotiations between Chile and Brazil will be held in our country to sign a Free Trade Agreement that will complement the current ACE 35. Among the topics that will be included are those related to regulatory issues, trade facilitation, competition policy, trade in services, telecommunications, electronic commerce, labor issues, environmental issues, trade and gender, micro and SME's, and the institutional provisions inherent to this type of agreement.

Regarding the conduction of these negotiations, Minister of Foreign Affairs Roberto Ampuero declared: "With Brazil we are moving towards a new and higher stage. Negotiating an FTA is one of the relevant issues of our foreign policy. It is a friendly country with which we want greater levels of integration and a market of 210 million inhabitants for Chilean entrepreneurs".

The decision to start these negotiations came during the state visit of President Sebastián Piñera to Brazil in April 2018 in Brasilia, when both leaders agreed to expand and strengthen economic and trade relations.

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The first round of negotiations was held from June 6th to 8th of this year in the city of Brasilia. In this work, the negotiating teams have expressed a sense of urgency in order to move forward in a substantive way in the discussion of the proposals presented, thus defining different commitments to be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, the third round of negotiations will take place from September 11th to 14th and it is hoped that a final round will be held in October of this year to sign the agreement this year.

Brazil is our main trading partner in Latin America and the main destination of our investments abroad. In terms of tourism, every year 500,000 Chileans visit Brazil and 400,000 Brazilians arrive in our country. "We are talking about these magnitudes in our relationship with a friendly and close country, which we Chileans admire and love," said Foreign Minister Ampuero.