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Council of Ministers approves the National Oceanic Program

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

In the framework of World Oceans Day, Foreign Minister Andrés Allamand participated in a meeting of the Council of Ministers for the Development of Ocean Policy, where the National Ocean Program was approved. "One of the things that Chile can be happy about is that it has contributed very effectively to establishing the nexus between measures to confront climate change and the importance of the oceans," stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The initiative consists of 38 concrete actions that seek to address major challenges such as climate change, ocean security, and the prevention of natural disasters, among others.

In this sense, the Secretary of State highlighted the country's leadership in matters of ocean protection and said that "Chile is a country that has an oceanic vocation" that can be expressed in that "we are the twelfth fishing power in the world, the second in salmon aquaculture and we have the tenth largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world."

He also highlighted that the country has played a significant role in the creation of marine protected areas, where steps are being taken to create the first marine protected area on the high seas, a process that will mark a milestone and that adds to the efforts that are being made. performing with Argentina in Antarctica.

"If you look at the complete picture of organizations that have their focus on the oceans, it is almost impossible to find a major initiative in which Chile does not play a significant role. Therefore, this is a heritage of the country in which, by the way, we have to continue insisting," said Minister Allamand.

Along these lines, the Council agreed to consolidate the Interministerial Committee for the Implementation of the existing Marine Protected Areas, a body where a work plan will be established to follow up on the steps taken. Likewise, the incorporation of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation was formalized.

In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly established that every June 8 should be remembered the important role that the oceans play in daily life. Currently, it is a fundamental element in the global economy, since it contributes approximately 2.5 trillion dollars annually in value-added services, it is also a source of energy, a means of transport, and contributes to food security by providing nutrients to more than one billion. of people.