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Chilean candidate, Claudio Grossman, is reelected to the United Nations International Law Commission

Friday, November 12, 2021

The United Nations General Assembly today elected by secret ballot the 34 members of the International Law Commission -CDI- for a period of 5 years (2023-2027). The Chilean candidate, jurist, and professor Claudio Grossman was elected in the first general majority.

The reelection of Professor Grossman is a recognition of his professional merits and abilities, which include having been an Agent and lawyer for Chile before the International Court of Justice and held leadership positions at the UN, the OAS and in the academic world.

He is the author of more than 100 publications and also served as President of the CDI Drafting Committee.

This triumph is also an important recognition by the international community of Chile's commitment to international law and the professionalism and dedication of its diplomatic staff.

The International Law Commission is a subsidiary and permanent organ of the UN General Assembly in charge of the codification and progressive development of international law. Its members are personalities recognized for their knowledge and qualifications, also representing all the cultures and legal systems of the world.

The ILC created with its work the basic structure of international law, such as the Vienna Convention on the Rights of Treaties and the foundations of the modern law of the sea. Today he prepares projects on atmospheric protection, legal effects of rising sea levels, continuing, by the way, with the codification of general principles of law, among other topics.