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World Oceans Day: Minister Alberto van Klaveren signs decree enacting National Ocean Program

Thursday, June 8th 2023

As president of the Council of Ministers for Ocean Policy, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alberto van Klaveren signed the decree promulgating the National Ocean Program.

The ceremony was also attended by the Ministers of Defense, Maya Fernández; Economy, Promotion and Tourism, Nicolás Grau; Environment, Maisa Rojas; Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry and the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés de la Maza.

The instrument includes 41 initiatives articulated by the five ministries around the areas of conservation; economic development; security and the ocean; ocean and territory; and scientific development, which were worked on in a multisectoral manner with a view to consolidating a harmonious and responsible use with sustainability as a guiding criterion. 

"We are convinced that the objectives set out in the program will continue to safeguard Chile's interests in the Pacific Ocean, and that in this way our country will continue to develop its historic and inescapable oceanic vocation," the Foreign Affairs Minister emphasized.

In this regard, he recalled that our country has 43% of its jurisdictional waters under some type of conservation, surpassing the global goals where more than 100 countries aspire to protect 30% of their waters by 2030. "Chile has surpassed that goal several years ago, which shows our leadership and strong commitment in this area," he added.

However, he insisted that work must continue to develop an appropriate management mechanism that translates into effective protection, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

"We know that an important part of adaptation to climate change has to do with the ocean, since one of the main effects of this phenomenon is the rise in sea level, in addition to the increase in its temperature and acidification. Therefore, one of the great tasks for our country will be to undertake palliative measures that will help us adapt to these changes in an appropriate manner, remembering that many people live in coastal areas, and depend on marine resources for their livelihood," said the Secretary of State.

World Oceans Day

In addition, as part of the celebration of World Oceans Day, the Foreign Affairs Minister participated in the commemoration organized by the National Congress, led by the President of the Senate, Juan Antonio Coloma, and the President of the Lower House, Vlado Mirosevic.

In that instance, the minister stressed Chile's strong commitment to an oceanic foreign policy that addresses the challenges facing the health of the oceans and announced that this month he will attend the adoption of the text of the Treaty on the Conservation of Biodiversity beyond Areas of National Jurisdiction, known as BBNJ, at the United Nations. 

"This instrument fills a very relevant gap in ocean governance, opening a path of greater knowledge and equitable access to the riches that the high seas offer us. In addition, as President Boric pointed out in this same place in his Public Account, Chile has proposed that Valparaiso be the headquarters of the Secretariat of this agreement, betting on being the world capital of ocean protection", he said.

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