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Undersecretary Gloria de la Fuente headed 5th Round of Political Consultations with Algeria

Sunday, October 8th 2023

This year, Chile and Algeria celebrate six decades of diplomatic relations, and the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Gloria de la Fuente, together with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, Lounes Magramane, led the 5th round of political consultations. This meeting, which had not been held since 2015, was part of the official visit that the undersecretary made to the African country, and that allowed a review of the bilateral agenda. 

During the instance, both parties emphasized the importance of increasing the frequency of these meetings, with the aim at deepening dialogue, agreeing that they will be held every two years. Likewise, they highlighted the closing of negotiations to establish a visa exemption agreement for diplomatic and official passports, which will be signed soon.

They also noted the strengthening of relations at the parliamentary level, as reflected in the visit of the Chile-Algeria Friendship Group to our country in September, when they were received by the Undersecretary and by Congresswomen Carmen Hertz and Ana María Gazmuri.

Regarding our trade relationship, they pointed out that the exchange between both countries reached US$15 million in 2022. To improve these figures and move towards trade facilitation, they agreed to establish a mechanism, within the framework of political consultations, to promote and facilitate trade and investment. They also welcomed the launching of the joint committee on mining and energy, which held its first session on September 7.

In terms of cooperation, both highlighted the agreements currently in force, such as the Nelson Mandela scholarships, which have been received by 331 African professionals since 2015, and agreed on the need to seek new formulas to strengthen ties. Along the same lines, they agreed to reactivate cooperation between diplomatic academies and strengthen cooperation in the cultural field. 

The working agenda also included a review of the regional and multilateral agenda. 

Prior to the meeting, the Undersecretary De la Fuente held a protocol meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Community, Ahmed Attaf, on which occasion they highlighted the historic relations between the two countries and their interest in continuing to strengthen them.