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Undersecretary attends opening of Pacific Leaders Summit 2024 on Ocean Protection and the Challenge of Plastic and Microplastic Pollution

Wednesday, April 03rd 2024

The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Gloria de la Fuente, participated in the inauguration of the Pacific Leaders Summit 2024 for the Protection of the Oceans and the Challenge of Plastic and Microplastic Pollution. The event, which will be held in Rapa Nui from today until April 5, will bring together leaders, scientists and social leaders from the Pacific and the world for a debate on the protection of the oceans.

The objective of the Summit organized by UN Chile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of Rapa Nui, is to undertake actions that are effective, inclusive, sustainable and with a rights-based approach, to address the challenge of plastic pollution, micro plastics and the degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems.

In her speech, Undersecretary Gloria de la Fuente emphasized that "it has been months of great preparation, of intense work in the search to bring together so many important leaders of the Pacific, who accepted this call to dialogue on the protection of the oceans and the challenge of plastic and microplastic pollution in the Pacific region. These days will lead us to reflect in a special way on the importance of integrating ancestral knowledge and scientific knowledge to address climate change, pollution and ocean protection".

In addition, the opening of the summit was attended by the resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Chile, María José Torres Macho; the director and regional representative of the United Nations Environment Program, Juan Bello, and the mayor of Rapa Nui, Pedro Edmunds Paoa.