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Press release on the advisory opinion before the International Court of Justice

Wednesday, February 21th 2024

Yesterday, Chile was present at the oral arguments before the International Court of Justice in the proceedings concerning the advisory opinion requested by the United Nations General Assembly on the legal consequences of Israel's policies and practices in the occupied Palestinian territory.

This procedure was initiated in January 2023. In February of the same year, the court invited all member states of the United Nations to submit their views.

The purpose of the advisory opinion request is for the Court to clarify the rules of international law applicable to this situation, so that the General Assembly can properly exercise its functions with respect on this situation, the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, which has been going on since 1967, i.e. for more than 56 years.

More than 50 countries have been present in this procedure, in order to collaborate with the correct determination of the applicable international law.

Yesterday's presentation was consistent with our State policy, which clearly advocates a two-State solution, in which Palestine and Israel can live in peace within internationally recognized secure borders. It should be recalled that Chile recognized the State of Palestine in 2011.

The terrible terrorist attack by Hamas and the war that has been unleashed in Gaza have made it more urgent than ever that the rule of law be implemented in this region. Through its intervention before the International Court of Justice, Chile is contributing to this.

We believe that Chile's goals, including the promotion of the rule of law at the international level and compliance with international humanitarian law, have been reflected in our intervention. This intervention by Chile is consistent with our position as a State advocating respect for the self-determination of peoples, human rights and international humanitarian law.

This consultative proceeding, which is not an adversarial proceeding, should not be confused with other legal actions pending before either the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court.