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Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches Chile Pavilion for COP28 as part of a public-private effort to showcase the country's commitment to addressing the climate crisis

Thursday, November 9th 2023

Today, Foreign Affairs Minister Alberto van Klaveren led the launching of the Chile Pavilion that will host the parallel events organized by the country during the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP28, to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between November 30th and December 12th.

COP is the largest and most important environmental meeting of each year and this time it will be attended by more than 30,000 delegates from governments, the private sector and civil society, who will address the climate crisis. In this scenario, for the third time, Chile will have a pavilion within the Blue Zone of the conference, where the delegations of the nations will develop their parallel events between December 3rd and 10th.

"Our pavilion seeks to project issues that are a priority for Chile and in which we believe we can make a relevant contribution to this global challenge. Thus, the energy transition, sustainable finance, nature-based solutions and the cryosphere will be the focus of our participation," said the Minister, who commented that "the COP is a perfect opportunity to publicize and promote initiatives, as well as being conducive to generating new alliances between all the actors involved in this area". 

The country's participation in the Blue Zone represents a significant private-public effort, which will allow showing the rest of the world the joint work carried out by Chilean society to respond effectively to the current climate crisis.

"We understand that efforts in mitigation and adaptation will be effective as long as we work together, first at the national level and then at the international level, and develop common strategies to contribute to the development of a resilient society in times of climate emergency," assured the minister, who thanked the sponsors of the pavilion: CAF, Concha y Toro, Colbún, HIF and LATAM. "Their collaboration and joint work will allow us to show the world Chile's transversal commitment to fight the climate crisis."

The pavilion is also expected to become a platform that links the Chilean delegation with the other parties and observers, and to be the scenario for the eventual signing of agreements and the launching of initiatives.

"With the intention of strengthening ties with all the actors involved in this issue, the Chile Pavilion is projected as a space for dialogue and meeting, to exchange knowledge and valuable experiences between public and private actors and also - essential in this area - civil society, both national and international. It will be an extraordinarily relevant showcase in a meeting that brings together thousands and thousands of people involved in the issue of climate change. And this will allow us to project ourselves as a country that seeks to exercise leadership in terms of climate ambition and that really has a lot to demonstrate in this area", added the Minister.

Participating companies

The pavilion's agenda is also scheduled to include the 15 companies that ProChile selected through a public call to be part of the delegation's mission, sharing the solutions they have developed to address the effects of the climate crisis.

The 15 companies selected are Herco Equipments, specialized in the reuse of parts for mining machinery; Kilimo, dedicated to saving water in agricultural irrigation; Instacrops, a specialist in the development of hardware and software for agriculture; Bioelements, which produces sustainable bioplastic; Remote Waters, which develops technology to purify water without emitting CO2; Aintech, dedicated to the development of products in the field of nanoscience with a focus on sustainability; Reborn Electric Motors, which manufactures zero emission mining cars and converts diesel buses to electric; Photio, which transforms surfaces into air purifiers; Lader Energy, which develops renewable energy projects; Reciclapp, which links people who have recyclable material with recyclers; T Phite, which makes it possible to graphitize the smoke generated by the combustion of end-of-life tires; Suncast, which predicts solar and wind energy; Rudanac, which develops technology for the biodesintegration of scrap metal; Drovid, whose technology enables the detection of forest fire outbreaks; and Mercado Circular, which promotes a system for recharging products, avoiding single-use plastics. 

"These are supplier companies that contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change and to the diversification of national shipments, where 40% of the mission will be made up of companies led by women. Likewise, of the total mission, 60% are from the Metropolitan Region and 40% from other regions. Most of these companies are just beginning their internationalization, having registered exports of close to US$36 million in the last four years," noted ProChile's general director, Ignacio Fernández.

Fernández added that "for the second consecutive year, ProChile contributed with the design of Chile's pavilion at COP28. We designed a space of 140 square meters that includes energy transition issues, which will be the meeting point for the Chilean delegation and its international counterparts".