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Minister Urrejola holds phone conversation with the U.S. Secretary of State

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022

This morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejola, had a phone conversation with the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, with whom she discussed the upcoming Summit of the Americas, to be held June 6-10 in Los Angeles, California.

They also highlighted the convergence in environmental and especially oceanic areas, and referred to regional issues of mutual interest, such as the migratory situation in the continent.

"Today I had a friendly and fruitful conversation with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who expressed his interest in Chile’s participation in the Summit of the Americas, where our objective is to strengthen hemispheric integration in the face of the problems that afflict us. The pandemic has exposed the inequalities in our continent. We must responsibly address the migration crisis affecting our region and, at the same time, we cannot continue to postpone the impact of climate change on our people. We hope that this summit will be as broad and diverse as our region is, so that the dialogue we seek will achieve its objective", said the Minister.

They also discussed the conflict in Ukraine, and expressed their concern about the humanitarian situation and global effects such as the rising of energy prices, among others.