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Foreign Minister participates in the celebration of the National Day of Japan

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrés Allamand, participated this afternoon in the ceremony in which Japan celebrates its National Day and the birthday of its Emperor, Naruhito.

In his words, the Chancellor recalled the more than 120 years of friendship and diplomatic relations, highlighting that Chile and Japan share values ​​and principles in matters of democracy, International Law, free trade, environmental protection, and human security, among many others.

The Secretary of State highlighted the efforts that both nations promote in matters of natural disasters, to mitigate their risks, with a common horizon to the year 2030. This has been reflected in triangular cooperation projects, highlighting the forthcoming application of the Kizuna program, to train professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean in reducing the risks of natural disasters.

"Japan is an important partner for Chile in the commercial economic sphere and in the development of projects connected to advanced technological innovation, which are promisingly opening up to overcome the 'existential challenge' posed by climate change, especially in areas such as hydrogen. green, solar and wind energy, water resources management, astronomical research, robotics in mining and agricultural activities, and everything that has to do with the digital world," added the Minister.

Finally, he thanked the "enthusiasm" of Ambassador Kazuhisa Shibuya, to promote the TPP-11, as well as the support to Chilean health institutions, to combat Covid-19. "Chile is convinced that the international community must mobilize in a more concerted way to face health crises and pandemics. That is why Chile proposed the conclusion of a global treaty so that the international community can better prepare and respond to pandemics," he said.