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Minister Allamand participates in the Ministerial Meeting of the OECD Council

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrés Allamand, participated today in the Ministerial Meeting of the OECD Council, where the global economic reality and the challenges of its post-pandemic recovery were discussed.

In the instance, whose theme was "Shared values: building a green and inclusive future", Chancellor Allamand highlighted the importance of strengthening digital commerce to improve access to services and products, as well as putting a green economy at the center that promotes sustainable development.

In this sense, he made a call to continue promoting collective environmental actions, which allow progress towards economic growth and at the same time to protect the environment and, in this way, deploy tools to help a more dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive economy.

Finally, he stressed that the pandemic presents an opportunity to strengthen global cooperation, support the economic recovery of the countries, as well as promote policies to improve jobs, elements that will be key to solving the crisis.