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At International Conference Raisina Dialogue:

Minister Allamand argues that open trade and cooperation are "indispensable" for global economic recovery

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrés Allamand, participated in a virtual way, in the Raisina International Dialogue Conference, a multilateral initiative promoted by India that seeks to discuss the challenges facing the global community.

The Minister intervened in the panel "South Rising, the decade for New America," in which he stressed that, in the face of the consequences of the pandemic, Latin America needs to duplicate efforts for greater economic growth that will improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and continue on the path of development.

In this sense, he argued that the opening of international trade should continue to be promoted, generating new partnerships in the south. This is why Chile seeks to strengthen its trade agreement with India and, in addition, to be an ASEAN Dialogue Partner.

"Open trade and cooperation between countries, a renewed commitment to multilateralism, and a healthy architecture of global governance are essential. Such promises are indispensable if, collectively, we wish to provide a better and peaceful life for our people," said the Secretary of State.

He also stated that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions for a global transition to a digital economy. In this context, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore signed the "Digital Economic Partnership Agreement" (DEPA), to facilitate digital trade, providing opportunities for citizens and small and medium-sized businesses.

"Digital trade is now one of the most dynamic sectors in the global economy and we should take advantage of it, even more, when we deal with the recovery process. The digital economy has allowed cooperation in emerging areas and stimulated interoperability between our countries," said the Secretary of State.

Along these lines, he indicated that a sustainable economic recovery should be promoted that allows, through innovation, to improve productivity and investment for a greener future. "New energy sources such as Green Hydrogen, Geothermal, Solar and Wind Energy and Lithium are important alternatives for this objective, in which Chile has proposed adequate investment policies," said Foreign Minister Allamand.

Finally, he emphasized the role of democracy in the economic recovery as a guarantee of stability and well-being for the countries.

"Democratic societies also have the opportunity to hold their governments to account. That is why democracy and democratic quality are so important for the recovery," Minister Allamand pointed out.