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Foreign Ministry strengthens vote abroad with 46 PDI officials

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Director-General of Consular Affairs, Immigration, and Chileans Abroad, Ambassador Julio Fiol, in the company of the Executive Secretary of the Vote, Roberto Ebert, and the Deputy Director of Intelligence, Organized Crime and Migratory Security of the Investigative Police of Chile, Prefect General José Ortiz Sandoval, participated in a ceremony to dismiss the PDI officials who will support the implementation of the presidential election abroad, on November 21.

"For the Foreign Ministry, the participation of PDI officials in the electoral process abroad is very important. It is a fundamental collaboration. They will ensure that the results of the voting reach our country as soon as possible," said Julio Fiol.

There are 46 officials who will travel to 10 countries with the specific mission of taking the electoral material and bringing the validly cast ballots back to Chile, to be delivered to the Electoral Service of our country.

"For our institution, this collaboration is a great milestone. We hope to comply with the professionalism with which each PDI works both in the national territory and in the countries where there are attachés and where each one is going to travel," said Perfect General José Ortiz.