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Foreign Affairs Minister Antonia Urrejola welcomes APEC results and highlights the Pacific Alliance agenda

Sunday, November 20th 2022

After arriving in Chile from Thailand, Minister Antonia Urrejola referred to the upcoming trip she will make with the President, Gabriel Boric, this Tuesday to Mexico, to participate in the Pacific Alliance Summit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejola, highlighted the tour in which she accompanied President Gabriel Boric to Thailand in the context of the APEC Leaders' Summit, and then referred to the President's upcoming trip, a meeting with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Pacific Alliance Presidential Summit to be held in Mexico City.

"In the Pacific Alliance, the Presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru are participating, but Mexico has also invited the Presidents of Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras and the President-elect of Brazil is about to confirm his presence," said the Foreign Minister, stressing the importance of the meeting.

The Minister said that in the days leading up to the presidential summit, there will be meetings between foreign affairs ministers, finance ministers and business meetings, along with the meeting of the Interparliamentary Commission for the follow-up of the Pacific Alliance, with the participation of business and congressional representatives.

"We hope to move forward, during the Pacific Alliance, with the work of incorporating Ecuador and Costa Rica as full members. Chile is very interested in strengthening this alliance, this regional integration platform. We also hope that five thematic declarations will be signed on issues related to regional integration mechanisms and the social agenda, and also on gender, youth, small businesses, welfare and the environment," said the Minister, stating that they will also use the meeting to review the progress of trade negotiations and cooperation with Canada, Singapore and Korea, who will attend the event.

To this, the Secretary of State added that they hope to deepen and review "the work agenda of the Alliance in areas such as technical and professional education, development, social inclusion, academic and student mobility, volunteer work, among other issues, and also the issues of sustainable and inclusive development, and hopefully sign the third amending protocol of the Pacific Alliance".

Minister Antonia Urrejola said she was confident that the meeting would strengthen the development of regional value chains with partner states. "Today, thanks to the Pacific Alliance trade agreement, 96% of products have zero tariffs between our countries," she said, adding that on this occasion the alliance "will have a very complete agenda that will integrate the views of both governments, legislatures and the business world," concluded Minister Urrejola.