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Chile is reelected as a member of the International Maritime Organization Council

Friday, December 01st 2023

Chile was re-elected as a member of the International Maritime Council (IMO) for the period 2024-2025, during the 33rd Assembly of the organization.

Chile has been a member of the IMO since 1972 and, since 2001, has been a member of the Organization's Council in Category C, together with 19 other countries. Belonging to the IMO Council has allowed our country to be a relevant actor in the multilateral discussion of matters such as maritime safety, care for the marine environment and the relationship between the oceans and climate change. This is consistent with the commitments of our country in matters of protection of the oceans and their biodiversity.

With this re-election, Chile reaffirms its commitment to continue actively contributing with its permanent work towards the safety of human life at sea, the preservation of the oceans, their resources and their sustainability.