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Chile is elected as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Tuesday, October 11th 2022
Today, the United Nations General Assembly elected Chile, with 144 votes, as a member of the Human Rights Council of the international organization, to occupy a seat, corresponding to the Americas and Caribbean Group, for the period 2023-2025. This was the highest vote in the region.
Chile thanks all the Member States of the UN who have supported this candidacy and have given us the honor of working actively and from a prominent place in the promotion and protection of human rights, the promotion of peace, democracy, the rule of law and sustainable development, all of which are fundamental components of our public policies and also of our foreign policy.
We understand this election not only as a great honor that the international community has given us, but also as a great responsibility for all those who expect the Human Rights Council to be an effective tool for enforcing the principles that guide its mission.
At the same time, we believe that it's a recognition of our country's active participation in the multilateral arena, in mechanisms and resolutions aimed at preventing torture, promoting the right to truth, justice and reparation, promoting and protecting the rights of children, promoting and protecting the rights of women, promoting and protecting the rights of LGBTIQ+ people and, particularly, their protection against violence and discrimination, as well as the rights of indigenous people.