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Undersecretary (S) Rojas met with Ambassador of New Zealand to Chile

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Undersecretary (S) of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Rojas, received in audience and offered a farewell lunch to the Ambassador of New Zealand in Chile, Mrs. Jacqueline Caine, who ends her term as diplomatic representative in our country.

During the meeting, both authorities reviewed the aspects of the bilateral agenda and noted the excellent relationship between the two countries.

Ambassador Caine presented credentials on February 24, 2015. From Chile she was also Concurrent Ambassador to Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru; and until last year in Colombia.

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During her stay in Chile, Ambassador Jacqueline Caine had permanent contact with other Ministries such as Agriculture, Education, Culture and Social Development in order to bring the bilateral relationship in these areas closer. Her work has strengthened the vision that both countries are mutual references in different areas of development. The most important areas of this relationship, apart from economic integration, is cooperation at the multilateral and regional levels and at the bilateral level in areas such as education, trade, agriculture, cooperation and Antarctica, among others.

New Zealand is a candidate for Pacific Alliance Partner State. On the other hand, New Zealand is a "Dialogue Partner" of the Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN), a bloc with which Chile wishes to be a Development Partner".