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Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs receives delegation from the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Carolina Valdivia, received a delegation from the European Parliament's International Trade Committee (INTA) on Thursday 20th of December, within the framework of the European Union's strong ties with Chile and the ongoing negotiation process for the modernisation of the Association Agreement.

The delegation was made up of five MEPs from different parties and was chaired by the rapporteur of the Agreement with Chile on the commercial side, Inmaculada-Rodríguez Piñeiro.

At the meeting, both parties reaffirmed their commitment and interest in the modernisation of the Association Agreement and their support for continuing negotiations with a view to a balanced and mutually beneficial outcome.

The group of European representatives also held meetings with parliamentarians from the Foreign Relations Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies; authorities from other sectoral ministries and agencies (Women, Economy, Agriculture, Environment, among others), as well as private sector and civil society organisations.