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Strategic Planning Directorate conducts discussions on ageing

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Directorate of Strategic Planning of this Ministry held its II Workshop today, this time focused on the issue of population ageing in Chile. The event was led by Dr. María Teresa Valenzuela, who is a public health specialist, former Director of the Institute of Public Health (ISP), current Director of the Comprehensive Center for Happy Aging (CIEF) and Vice-Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de Los Andes.

The meeting began with the presentation of a choir of senior citizens, and was attended by Directors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officials, students of the Diplomatic Academy and actors from entities and institutions related to the subject.

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The ageing of the population is a global reality that has also reached our country. Chile is undergoing a major change in its demographic profile with a significant increase in the ageing population and little generational renewal. This will not only compromise a series of domestic public variables, but will also have an important impact on Chile's foreign policy.

Foreign Policy, in this context, has an important role to play in exploring opportunities for intelligent cooperation, helping to articulate national and international actors.