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Public statement regarding a minor in foster care in Italy

Thursday, May 31, 2018

In the face of publications on the situation of a Chilean-Italian minor, who is in a shelter in Rome, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says:

1.- The Consulate in Rome learned of this situation in September 2017. It immediately contacted the Italian authorities and informed the competent Chilean institutions. Therefore, the whereabouts of the child have always been known.

2.- During this period, the Consulate in Rome has carried out more than thirty actions, which include frequent visits to the minor, meetings with the directors of the shelter where she is staying, meetings with the professionals in charge of her care and with the Italian judicial authorities.

3.- These actions on the part of the Consulate in Rome have been carried out in full coordination with the competent Italian and Chilean authorities, which have been kept permanently informed.

4.- The Government of Chile will continue to provide all its support through the Consulate in Rome, with the main objective of protecting and safeguarding the minor.