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President Piñera appoints new Chilean Ambassadors abroad

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, informed that the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, has appointed new Chilean Ambassadors abroad. They are David Gallagher Patrickson in the UK and Roberto Ubilla Quevedo in Finland. Both have already received their respective approvals.

David Gallagher Patrickson

Ambassador Gallagher is Professor of Latin American Literature at Oxford University and Fellow of St Antony´s College, Oxford.

Former Director of Morgan GrenFell Investment Bank International. In 1984 he founded ASSET-Chile, a company dedicated to financial advisory services to Chilean and foreign companies, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, international project financing, and strategic consulting.

A member of the board of the Chilean Council for International Relations, he currently served as advisor to the Centro de Estudios Públicos (CEP) and part of its executive committee. He is also Director of the Chilean Cultural Heritage Corporation and Director of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice. He is the author of "Modern Latin American Literature", Oxford, 1973, "Improvisaciones" Santiago, 1992 and "Otras Improvisaciones" Santiago, 2004.

Roberto Ubilla Quevedo

Ambassador Roberto Ubilla holds a degree in International Studies and a degree in Policy and International Affairs from the University of Santiago de Chile. He is a graduate of the Andrés Bello Diplomatic Academy and has a Master's degree in Foreign Policy.

He was currently head of the Cabinet of the Secretary-General for Foreign Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to that, he worked for the Directorate General of Consular Affairs and Immigration, the Directorate of Bilateral Policy, the Directorate of Multilateral Affairs, the Directorate of Planning, the Directorate of South America, the Directorate of International and Human Security and the Directorate of Regional Coordination.

In the foreign service, he served in the embassies of Chile in Paraguay, the Philippines, Hungary and Mexico. In addition, he was Deputy Consul General of Chile in La Paz, Bolivia and of Chile in Toronto, Canada.