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President Piñera appoints new Chilean Ambassadors abroad

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, informed that the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, has appointed new Chilean Ambassadors abroad. These are Óscar Alcamán in Costa Rica, Javier Becker in Guatemala and Francisco Javier Bernales in Jamaica. All of them have already received their respective approvals.

Óscar Alcamán

Ambassador Alcamán is a law graduate of the Catholic University of Valparaiso and a graduate of the "Andrés Bello" Diplomatic Academy. In addition, he has a diploma in International Political Relations from the International Institute of Public Administration in Paris, a diploma in European Studies from the Alcide de Gasperi Institute of European Studies and a diploma in Law and European Union Institutions and Policies from the University of the Andes.

He has worked at the Consulate General of Chile in Buenos Aires and at the Chilean Embassies in Syria, South Korea, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Israel, the Chilean Mission to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg and the Chilean Mission to UNESCO.

In addition, within the Chancellery, he has held positions in the following departments: Planning; Multilateral Policy, of which he was Director; South America; and the Cabinet of the Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Prior to his appointment in Costa Rica, he was Deputy Director of Human Rights.

Javier Becker

Ambassador Becker is a graduate of the "Andrés Bello" Diplomatic Academy. He studied Law at the Catholic University of Valparaiso and specialized courses in International Relations and Commerce at the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile and at the University of Defense in Washington D.C., among others.

He was currently Director of the North, Central America and Caribbean Division. In addition, he has been Deputy Director in the Europe Division, Deputy Director in the Planning Division of the Multilateral Affairs Division and in the Planning Division, among others. He was Head of the Department in charge of relations with the Andean Community, Mercosur and Unasur.

He has served as Chilean Ambassador to Thailand and has also served at the Chilean Embassies in Kenya, Austria, Colombia, Norway, the United States, Canada and the Chilean Mission to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Francisco Javier Bernales

Ambassador Bernales is a graduate of the "Andrés Bello" Diplomatic Academy. He was currently the Chilean Ambassador to the State of Palestine. He has had assignments at the Consulates General of Chile in Buenos Aires and Mendoza and the Chilean Embassies in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Denmark, Norway and Mexico and the Mission of Chile to the OAS.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has worked in the Departments of Human Resources, Consular Affairs, Cultural Affairs and Foreign Information, Bilateral Affairs (Asia Department), Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Special Policy and North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

He has attended several specialization courses and as a delegate to numerous international conferences, as well as to four OAS General Assemblies.