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Patricio Manns and Horacio Salinas were honored by the Government of Chile

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, today led the ceremony of awarding the Order Gabriela Mistral decoration to two outstanding Chilean national artists in popular music: Patricio Manns and Horacio Salinas.

On the occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the driving force behind this initiative, highlighted on behalf of the Government the work of each of the artists, assuring that they represent "the rescue of the treasure of peasant and indigenous folklore, which paved the way for the New Chilean Song, both being important protagonists".

The Secretary of State highlighted each one's legacy. "Patricio Manns placed the song in the folkloric root and then delivered a solid and multiple work. He has also published novels and played with well-known groups". Muñoz also recalled "La exiliada del Sur", where Manns added music to a few tenths of Violeta Parra.

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"For his part", continued Secretary of State Horacio Salinas, "is another immense creator and animator of the Chilean song. A precocious child who discovered popular music by chance from his classical training. For many years, Horacio has been the soul of Inti Illimani, the musical director and composer of so many songs that form part of the heritage of our country".

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The award was presented jointly with the Ministry of Education, with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Valentina Quiroga, who thanked the two artists for their work and joined the acknowledgement speech delivered by the head of Chilean diplomacy.

Among the attendees were the Italian Ambassador to Chile, Marco Ricci; Deputy Pepe Auth; the Mayor of Concón, Oscar Sumonte; and representatives of the artistic, cultural and academic world.

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