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Minister Ampuero celebrated the Fiestas Patrias with Chileans in Tokyo

Monday, September 17, 2018

With cuecas, empanadas and red wine, this is how the community of Chileans living in Tokyo celebrated the Fiestas Patrias. But this year the celebration had a special flavor since, during his visit to Japan, Chancellor Roberto Ampuero celebrated with them the patriotic anniversary.

Nearly a hundred countrymen arrived at the International House of Japan, in Tokyo, to participate in the reception organized by the Embassy of Chile.

In his words of greeting to the community, the Secretary of State recalled his years living outside Chile. "I feel very close to you, I can understand you, I know what you feel, I know how you follow the country, I know how many times you yearn to be there," he said. He added that as Chancellor he has learned "to feel pride for what Chile has built and for the way in which it has projected its name internationally".

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He also highlighted the "gratitude for the work they do day by day, through their lives, their work, the representation of Chile. And don't ever forget, each one of you at heart is a great ambassador of our country. Through you, people often get the first impression of our country, so it is a very responsible and very serious work that you have and we hope on our side, from Chile, through our consulates and our embassies, to be able to correspond to that work".