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Minister Ampuero attended the committees of Extreme Areas of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, today attended the Special Commission on Extreme Zones and Special Territories of the Senate and the Commission on Extreme Zones and Chilean Antarctica of the Chamber of Deputies.

In both instances, which were declared secret, the Chancellor explained the position of the Government regarding the National Inventory of Glaciers of Argentina. In addition, he referred to his recent trip to the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, which was framed in the actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the development of extreme areas of the country.

"We think that Chile's foreign policy starts precisely in the extreme zones," said the Secretary of State after the sessions. "Chile has a privileged position, Chile has a face, part of its country is Antarctica and has an Antarctic vocation. We want to promote and develop even more Punta Arenas as a gateway to Antarctica, we also want Puerto Williams to develop in that sense. And for that, both on the Navarino Island, in Tierra del Fuego, we are watching with great attention how connectivity develops," he added.