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Foreign Ministry laments death of Chileans in Italy and supports their families

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is saddened by the deaths of Chileans Juan Rubén Figueroa Carrasco, Juan Carlos Pastenes Rivillo and Leila Nora Rivera Castillo, following the fall of a bridge in the city of Genoa, Italy, and sends its heartfelt condolences to their families.

As soon as the emergency became known, the Chilean Consul in Milan, Pedro González, and the Honorary Consul in Genoa, Gian Luca Chiavari, began the process, first to find out if there were Chileans affected by the tragedy and then to find out their identities.

From Santiago, since the death of the citizens, the Consular Emergencies Unit and the Consular Services Directorate have maintained permanent communication and coordination with both consuls. They have also maintained contact with the families of the victims in Chile in order to provide them with information and guidance on the procedures to be followed for the eventual repatriation of the bodies.

In the same vein, support has been provided to manage, on an emergency basis, the necessary documentation to enable the family of the Pastenes Rivera couple to travel to Italy as soon as possible.

The Chancellery will continue to be in contact and to collaborate in every way possible with these families.