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Foreign Minister participates in signing ceremony of decrees to create marine protected areas

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, attended the signing ceremony of the decrees that created the marine protected areas of the Juan Fernández Archipelago; Diego Ramirez Islands - Drake Pass; Rapa Nui; Seno Almirantazgo and Tortel. These will result in a total of 14 marine protected areas created during this government (8 Marine Parks and 6 Coastal Marine Multipurpose Areas)

It also signed the decree for the creation of the Pumalín National Park, which will make it possible to materialize the Patagonia Parks Network, whose total surface area exceeds 4.5 million acres.

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"This is an historic day for Chile and for the world because the international community is watching what we have done with great hope and great satisfaction", said the Chancellor at the end of the event.

He added that "protecting 43% of the exclusive economic zone is a contribution, not only to the future of our country, but to the future of the world, to combat climate change because the oceans are a sink for greenhouse gases, which is one of the ways to combat climate change".