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Foreign Minister Muñoz leads the presentation of the documentary "Juan Fernandez: The Ocean Forever"

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, today led the world premiere of the documentary "Juan Fernandez: The Ocean Forever". The production was recorded and produced by the Pristine Seas team of the National Geographic Society, led by its resident explorer Enric Sala. This is a historic expedition to the Juan Fernandez archipelago, carried out during March 2017.

This work aims to reflect, through unpublished images, the spectacular marine ecosystems that exist in this area, as well as the kindness of the inhabitants of these remote islands. The audio-visual record also seeks to highlight the sustainability characteristics of the Juan Fernandez lobster extraction model, a practice that was recognized in 2015 with the international Blue Seal certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), as the first artisanal fishery in Latin America.

"Perhaps there is nothing that affects humanity more than what is being done in Juan Fernandez and the enormous wealth that this archipelago has and that we didn't know until Pristine Sea decided to explore places that were previously completely unexplored", the minister said during the presentation of the documentary.

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He also highlighted the contributions Chile has made in recent years to become a world leader in protecting the ocean. "Chile, an oceanic country, had given its back to the sea and I think we are finally changing course and protecting and conserving our sea, using it in a sustainable way", he said.

In that sense, the Minister pointed out that Chile is "the first country, in terms of size and population, to have 43% of its exclusive economic zone with either Marine Parks or Marine Protected Areas of Multiple Uses".

Finally, the Secretary of State thanked NatGeo "for this tremendous effort that leads to the sustainable development that we deserve today and particularly tomorrow, the generations to come".