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Foreign Minister Muñoz attended the Senate and the House Foreign Affairs Committees

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz attended today's Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which unanimously approved President Michelle Bachelet's trip to Cuba on January 8.

The Minister explained that the visit will have governmental, economic, commercial and investment components. "The idea is to take advantage of the investment law passed in Cuba in 2014. In fact, the first official event was a seminar on business and investment opportunities", he said.

The Secretary of State said that some of the reasons for the trip are "to promote investment in our country, promote greater trade, promote friendship with a country that has influence and promote understandings that can help Chile's interests".

Subsequently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where he presented the bill amending various legal bodies in order to modernize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.