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Foreign Minister Ampuero welcomes resolution passed at OAS on Venezuela: "Freedom has prevailed"

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

"Freedom has prevailed tonight" This is how Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero reacted after the OAS General Assembly approved a resolution on Tuesday night that defends democracy in Venezuela.

The text had been proposed by Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Mexico and Peru, and was adopted during the last plenary session of the General Assembly, held in Washington, USA, by 19 votes in favour, 11 abstentions and 4 against.

The document states that the elections of May 20th in Venezuela "lack legitimacy for not complying with international standards, for not having had the participation of all Venezuelan political actors and for having taken place without the necessary guarantees for a free, fair, transparent and democratic process".

Thus, he points out that in Venezuela "an unconstitutional alteration of the constitutional order has occurred".

It also urges "the Government of Venezuela to allow the entry of humanitarian aid, as well as to implement epidemiological surveillance measures in their country to prevent the worsening of the humanitarian and public health crisis, particularly in the face of the reappearance of diseases such as measles, malaria and diphtheria".

In addition, it calls on "the Member and Observer States to implement, in accordance with their respective legal frameworks and applicable international law, the measures they deem appropriate at the political, economic and financial levels to contribute to the restoration of democratic order in Venezuela"

And, in one of its most relevant points, the resolution proposes "to apply, in strict accordance with the text and spirit of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the mechanisms for the preservation and defence of representative democracy provided for in Articles 20 and 21 thereof".

In this context, Minister Ampuero pointed out that "this is support for the Venezuelan people, for their right to live in freedom, in democracy, so that they can find a way of dialogue towards a peaceful, negotiated and political solution. For the country as such to overcome this situation".

"You will have noticed the efforts made by the Venezuelan regime to try to neutralize the adoption of this resolution. And how firm it was that we had to discuss it, to refute it with the Venezuelan regime, which put in all its letters to prevent this resolution from being approved," he added".

Review here the full OAS resolution on the situation in Venezuela


A second resolution adopted during the day was related to the situation in Nicaragua, presented by the United States and co-sponsored by Chile and Canada.

The text "condemns and demands the immediate cessation of acts of violence, intimidation and threats directed against the general public; and its condolences to the victims of the recent violence and their families, as well as its solidarity and support for the people of Nicaragua".

It also calls on "the Government of Nicaragua and other social actors to demonstrate commitment and engage constructively in peaceful negotiations with clear results that address the country's key challenges, including the strengthening of democratic institutions and the holding of free, fair and timely elections, held in an environment free from fear of intimidation, threats or violence'".

Review here the full OAS declaration in support of the people of Nicaragua