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Foreign Minister Ampuero meets with Regional Directors of ProChile

Friday, July 27, 2018

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, met with the regional directors of ProChile in a meeting held in the Foreign Ministry building.

At the meeting, the Minister highlighted the new impetus that President Sebastián Piñera's government is seeking to give to ProChile as an export promoter. Thus, the Chancellor stressed the importance of strengthening the work being done by the directors from the regions. This is a way of incorporating strategic regional elements into export promotion.

"The work you do is crucial, as it is reflected in a pillar of our development model, based on the export of our products to the rest of the world", the Chancellor said during his speech.

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In addition to this, the Minister placed special emphasis on the importance of focusing on bringing the institution and work closer to the citizenry. "We must have effective interaction with the users and beneficiaries of our services", he added.

The Chancellor also highlighted the emphasis that will be given in this period to SMEs, increasing their participation in the exports of our country.

Regarding the challenges that lie ahead, the Minister informed that the Pacific Alliance and the organization of the APEC 2019 forum to be held in our country will be part of the foreign policy priorities. "I urge you to keep informed of the commercial scope of both forums in order to disseminate the information in each of the regions".