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Directorate of Environment and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a working meeting with the Undersecretariat for the Environment

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Directorate for the Environment and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a working meeting today with the Undersecretariat for the Environment to coordinate the broad international agenda on environmental issues between the two ministries and to establish joint working frameworks to define common priorities and objectives.

Among the issues on the international environmental agenda, in which Chile has played a significant role in several areas of interest, are issues of great relevance to the country. Among them are the climate change negotiations and the fulfilment of the international commitments that have been reached in this framework; and ocean affairs, including the Ocean Policy, recently promulgated and in which an ocean programme must be worked on, as well as the implementation of the declared marine protected areas. Chile has assumed a leading role in these matters in various international forums, assuming commitments and being a world reference.

Also the National Mountain Policy, which is ready for consideration by the Council of Ministers for Sustainability; the neighbourhood collaboration with Peru and Argentina, which in recent years have seen their environmental integration mechanisms strengthened; and the chemical agenda, which includes not only the Stockholm, Rotterdam and Basel Conventions, but also the Minamata Convention on Mercury Control, which entered into force last year.

These issues represent opportunities to portray Chile as a constructive country that can exercise leadership and influence through proposals and active participation in international forums. For this reason, it is essential that both Ministries work together and exchange views on the joint work to be carried out.

The meeting, held at the Ministry of the Environment, was chaired by the Undersecretary for the Environment, Mr. Rodrigo Benítez, who was accompanied by the head of the Office of International Affairs of the MMA, Mrs. Meilín León, and the head of the Department of Protected Areas, Mr. Diego Flores. On behalf of DIMA, its Director, Ambassador Isauro Torres, its Deputy Director, MC Juan Angulo, the head of the Department of Ocean Affairs, Mr. Salvador Vega and the TS Alejandra Godoy attended.