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Chilean government rejects slander and threats from Venezuelan government

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Government of Chile rejects in the strongest possible terms the very serious and slanderous insinuations and threats made today by the Government of Nicolás Maduro by Jorge Rodríguez, Vice-President of Communications of Venezuela.

Chile considers the threats expressed by the Venezuelan Government against the integrity of our diplomatic representation in Caracas to be of the highest gravity.

We urge the Government of Venezuela to act with responsibility and sanity and to withdraw its slanderous insinuations against our country.

Chile is a country that loves peace, democracy, freedom and respects international law. The Venezuelan government lacks the moral integrity to slander Chile.

We call on the Government of Venezuela to resolve through dialogue and negotiations the tragedy in which it has plunged its country and its people, and which has created the largest migration of desperate citizens in the entire history of the hemisphere.

The Government of Chile has summoned the Venezuelan ambassador to Santiago for this Monday morning to the Chilean Foreign Ministry.