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Chilean government makes recommendation to Chileans traveling to Peru

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile informs that it has taken note of the information issued by the Ministry of Health of Peru, which establishes the implementation of a plan for the installation of measles vaccination posts in border areas in order to reduce the risk of possible transmission of immunopreventable diseases to the Peruvian population.

This measure would respond specifically to the recent detection in Peru of measles cases, which would have been imported from other countries. In view of this, 16 vaccination posts were established in border areas, including the cities of Tacna and Lima.

The implementation of the plan in question means that all tourists who wish to enter Peru by land and/or air must prove that they have been vaccinated against measles. If this cannot be proven, the people will be vaccinated in situ. If this action is refused, their entry into Peru will be denied.

The Government of Chile, taking into account the situation of the neighboring country and with the objective of collaborating with its health authorities, recommends that Chileans who are not in a position to comply with this provision, refrain from visiting Peru as a preventive measure in the current scenario.