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"Chile firmly believes that dialogue between countries and integration mechanisms is fundamental to achieving higher levels of development."

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, arrived at the Mercosur Building in Montevideo, Uruguay to participate in the LIII Summit of MERCOSUR Countries.

After attending the inauguration of the meeting, led by the President of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Tabaré Vásquez, the Minister participated in the plenary of Presidents of the States Parties and Associated States of MERCOSUR.

During his speech, Foreign Minister Ampuero stressed that this integration mechanism "is a relevant body for Chile's foreign policy, which has regional issues as one of its priorities". Thus, he added that "in recent years we have worked intensely, drawing up common agendas between regional integration bodies and bilateral relations. We believe that development can only be achieved through common efforts, where integration and cooperation are the key tools.

Along with this, the Chancellor stressed that both the States Parties, as well as the partners, despite following different models of development and international insertion, are capable of valuing differences and based on that diversity, sharing a view on what everyone wants for South America: "a sustainable and inclusive development for all countries in the region".

Thus, Minister Ampuero highlighted the advances in the relationship between the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR: "We have managed not only to strengthen our relations and create opportunities for growth, but also to give a sign of integration, in a context of global uncertainty. This rapprochement has also led us to undertake initiatives and commit ourselves to projects such as the Centro Oeste de Brasil - Puertos del Norte de Chile Road Corridor, the establishment of which demonstrates how convergence between MERCOSUR and the Pacific Alliance can be carried forward."

At the end of his speech, Foreign Minister Ampuero highlighted that Chile "firmly believes that dialogue between countries and between integration mechanisms is fundamental to reach higher levels of development, to advance in the deepening of democracies and to overcome the inequality gaps in our societies".

At the end of the speeches by all the representatives of the parties and associated countries, the ceremony for the handover of the Pro Tempore Presidency, which will be in Argentina's hands during 2019, began.