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Chile and New Zealand conclude VI Meeting of Political Consultations

Monday, 11 March 2019

The VI Meeting of Political Consultations between Chile and New Zealand, led by Chile's Under-secretary of Foreign Affairs, Carolina Valdivia, and New Zealand's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Americas and Asia, Ben King, took place today in Santiago.

Minister (S) Valdivia highlighted the existence of a shared vision of our international policies, based on the attachment and promotion of democracy, human rights, environmental protection, and free trade.
Chile and New Zealand noted broad coincidences in the challenges of Climate Change, especially the work for the full success of COP 25 (December 2019 in Chile), including our cooperation on essential issues of priority interest such as the environment, our oceans, and Antarctic cooperation.

By Chile's permanent development needs and the Government's commitments to its indigenous people, he highlighted the exchange of ideas and experiences in public policies for the economic and social development of our indigenous people. The New Zealand experience is widely recognized for its achievements with Maori communities.

In the economic and trade sphere, it was found that Chile and New Zealand share visions regarding the development and promotion of free trade and a rules-based international system, including the necessary World Trade Organization review process, consistent with the criteria of sustainability, social inclusion, and environment.

The Chancellery of Chile reported on the main priorities of the APEC Chile 2019 Summit and the organizational responsibilities of the Presidency (New Zealand has 2021). Chile appreciates the appointment of a New Zealand official to work in the APEC-Chile Secretariat to collaborate in the management of our challenges.

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Chile considers that APEC is a gravitational space for the articulation of dialogue among the world's largest economies for the strengthening of the trade system and economic integration, for the benefit of our peoples.

The South Pacific is also decisive for New Zealand and especially for Chile due to our Oceanic dimension and the cultural richness of our Rapa Nui people. For this reason, Minister(s) Valdivia reiterated the interest of integrating us as a Dialogue Partner in the Pacific Island Forum (PIF), registering New Zealand's best disposition to accompany us in the nomination process; along with confirming the interest in fostering cooperation between the Rapa Nui and Maori people.

The sixth edition of the Chile-New Zealand Political Consultations reaffirmed the will to deepen understanding on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels and, in particular, those issues that promote sustainable development and the well-being of our peoples.